Youth Sports Clinics

Leadership Clinic with Vaughn College Students

On Saturday December 1st, at the 92nd Street Y’s May Center, Global Game Changers (GGC) hosted a group of students from Vaughn College.

This group, mostly freshman, embarked on a basketball, teambuilding, and leadership clinic administered by GGC partners Michael Vaughan Cherubin, Julie Younes, and Danny Ourian. The clinic began by creating an inclusive place to play through positive reinforcement, groups cheers, high energy and of course, lots of high-fives.  The clinic continued as participants learned about one another (such as hobbies, birth date, favorite movie, number of siblings) as they simultaneously learned the fundamental basketball skill of passing. Throughout the remainder of the clinic,  the Vaughn College students where led through a montage of basketball drills and team building activities, all geared at uniting the group, building trust, and developing leadership skills.

GGC is happy to thank Vaughn College and the 92nd Street Y for helping make this event possible.

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Indian-Pakistani Soccer Training


Washington, DC – Global Game Changers held a sport for development clinic today for 20  female soccer players and young coaches from India and Pakistan.  The clinic, held at Rock Creek Park near DuPont Circle, Washington DC, featured a variety of drills which aimed at teaching the young women not only how to improve technically, but also provided tools for them to bring back to their communities and improve the lives of those they train.  Included among those tools are concepts about how sports can be used as a vehicle for change.  Our aim, at Global Game Changers, has been to serve as a resource for individuals, coaches, organizations and communities that share the ideal that sports is a powerful vehicle for impacting positive change, growth, and interaction.

Today was a shining example of that aim.

From the onset, Coach Mike and Coach Josh had great energy and built terrific rapport with the participants.  After a series of warm-up drills, we asked the group what elements of their lives could be developed using sports.  We were thrilled with some of their responses:

“How to communicate with one another in school or at home.”

“Sports can help us learn to trust each other better.”

“When we play sports in our village, we feel more confident about ourselves.”

Communication.  Trust.  Confidence.  These are some of the traits these young ladies believe have improved and can continue to improve because of the role that sports has played in their lives.  We couldn’t agree more!

Upon completing our “Bring It In” chat, we moved onto working on higher level soccer techniques including headers, chest traps, volleys, and footwork.  Coach Mike – a former collegiate goalkeeper and current Community Relations Manager with Major League Soccer team DC […]

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GGC runs baseball clinic for Central American Youth

On August 13th, Global Game Changers held a clinic for a SportsUnited delegation from Central America.  In addition to a great outdoor practice, the group of athletes hailing from Panama, Mexico and Ecuador all brought great energy and learned valuable skills through baseball that they will find useful off the field.  First, we started the day with a brief introduction and explanation of how baseball can instill values such as respect, communication, positive attitude and teamwork.  We then moved to the outfield for some stretching and calistinics, where three girls and three boys were given the opportunity to lead in stretching.  After a brief lesson in bodyweight exercising followed by a brief competition, we broke for water and blasted right into Monster, a team-building exercise in which two teams need to work together to create one unit with “limb restrictions” in order to win a race.  The drill was a great way to start the activities as the kids were laughing constantly and really tapping into the fun parts of teamwork.  Afterwards, we moved right into game-like situations practice, such as fielding grounders, making plays, and communicating and practicing proper form for catching fly balls in the outfield.  The opportunity was unique in that each player learned something new about infield positions and simultaneously worked on communication skills while in the outfield.  We scrimmaged for the remaining hour using earlier learned positivity components as a twist in the scoring system.  Overall, the clinic concluded yet another sucessful partnership between Global Game Changers and SportsUnited.  Its always great to work with youth with such fantastic energy.

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Global Game Changers Holds Martial Arts Clinic for Iraqi Youth

June 14th, 2012 – Global Game Changers representatives Josh Simon, Julie Younes, and Martial Arts expert Arturo Reyes conducted a clinic for a group of Iraqi youth in a SportsUnited cultural exchange at the George Mason University fieldhouse. Coach Josh started the day with an introduction and discussion on how sport can be used to improve life skills outside the studio. The dialogue painted a picture of how the youngsters used their particular sport, in this case Taekwondo, to impact their lives by providing discipline, structure, patience, and forgiveness. Sharing personal stories helped the youth grasp the uniquely-tailored GGC message.

We then warmed up with bodyweight exercises in order to provide an avenue for physical conditioning for those lacking resources or access to equipment – an issue some participants are often challenged with. After that we moved into a kick-boxing fundamentals drill with amateur and professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Arturo Reyes. This was a great opportunity for the kids to learn a new martial art outside of taekwondo, but the catch was the GGC touch at the end: During and after the drill we challenged the kids with food-related vocabulary words in the English language which the kids were able to later associate with negative and positive actions in taekwondo, such as blocking on the calling out of unhealthy foods, and punching and kicking on healthy ones. The lesson taught not only English words that the group hadn’t known previously, but also encouraged healthy eating habits over unhealthy ones.

Coach Julie continued with a number of relay races that were designed to increase hand-eye coordination and technique in fun and challenging ways. Integrating the earlier fundamental kicks, punches and bodyweight exercises taught earlier in the […]

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Egyptian Soccer Coaches Train & Coach With GGC

May 11th, 2012, the GGC team was at it again training soccer coaches from Egypt on a cultural exchange trip through the US State Department’s SportsUnited program. Coaches learned GGC’s sports based youth development philosophy and discussed additional ways sports can be used to teach life skills and improve their community. GGC provided the coaches with new drills and a new perspective on how to utilize and coach fundamental soccer drills. The coaches then had a chance to take their new skills out into the field volunteering with inner city youth through United For DC.

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GGC Runs Sport-For-Development Clinic for SportsUnited delegation from India

On Saturday February 18th, 2012, Global Game Changers welcomed a group of eager basketball coaches from all over India, who arrived to America last night in order to participate in a SportsUnited exchange program.  The group consisted of 14 male and female coaches who offered enthusiastic feedback and participation and commenced their trip with a wealth of information provided by Sport-For-Development experts Danny Ourian and Michael Vaughan-Cherubin.  The clinic started with passing drills and progressed into more advanced basketball fundamentals and skill building exercises that showed the coaches how to bring out the best in the youth from their respective communities in India.  Half-way through the day, Coach Josh introduced the group to the team-building exercise “Monster” (see photo) and the group met each challenge with fantastic energy.

After each drill, GGC coaches stressed the values and messages that kids can absorb through the power of sport, such as respect, communication, teamwork, leadership and self-confidence.

Special thanks to volunteers Claire Perry and David Grant who “coached the coaches” during a scrimmage and simply built on the high level of energy that made the day successful.

Overall, the clinic today represented yet another successful partnership between Global Game Changers and SportsUnited, and we are happy to have met such and enthusiastic group!

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GGC Runs Basketball Clinic for DRC Youth and Paint Branch High School Girls Basketball

On Monday, January 16, 2012, Global Game Changers, LLC (GGC) held a basketball clinic at Paint Branch High School, welcoming a SportsUnited youth delegation from The Democratic Republic of the Congo.  As in all of our previous successes, GGC representatives Michael Vaughan-Cherubin and Josh Simon taught fundamental basketball skills and cooperative skill-building drills while simultaneously emphasizing messages of positive behavior and attitudes.  The difference between this clinic and our previous ones however, was the added value of the Paint Branch Girls Varsity Basketball team. Led by Coach Rochelle Coleman, the American girls brought forth an unexpected, and amazingly impressive, high level of energy and positivity.  The girls greeted the delegation with hugs and cheerful welcome, offered continuous encouragement throughout the day, and capped the clinic off by presenting their Congolese peers with homemade baked goods and T-shirts.  The example set by the girls of Paint Branch High Schools was everything and beyond what Coaches Mike and Josh could have asked for, and the face they chose to present to our overseas visitors gives new meaning and worth to America’s public diplomacy objectives.  Finally, GGC would just like to thank the Paint Branch High School Girls Basketball team for such an inspiring day, and for being one of the best groups of young people that we have had the honor of working with.

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GGC Clinic For Martial Artists From Tajikistan

On October 8th 2011, Global Game Changers, LLC partnered yet again with SportsUnited, a public diplomacy initiative of the U.S. Department of State, to welcome a dynamic group of young martial arts athletes from Tajikistan. Arriving from a former Soviet State, GGC trainers were thrilled with the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about Tajik culture. The delegation consisted of 12 women athletes, many of whom were competing on a national level in various martial arts genres. Trainers Michael Vaughan-Cherubin and Josh Simon were joined by Arturo Reyes, an amateur Kick-Boxer, MMA fighter and trainer at LA Boxing. The clinic focused on teaching fundamentals of boxing and martial arts and developed themes of self-control, discipline, sportsmanship, fairness and responsibility. The group looked at examples of youth and development organizations across the globe that use sports such as boxing to keep youth engaged. The discussion also touched upon of the ability of sport to prevent gang participation and drug use. Finally the Tajik athletes were able to give back to an underserved community in America by administering a martial arts clinic to a local boys and girls club. For the culmination of three hour clinic, 25 youth from the Boys and Girls Club Saturday program were treated to a short boxing and athletic clinic run by the Tajik women. Despite the language barriers, the clinic went very well thanks to the high level of energy and commitment of the young women from Tajikistan.

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GGC Clinic for Palestinian Volleyball

Saturday, September 17th, Global Game Changers, LLC held a volleyball clinic for a group of 10 young adults and two coaches from the Palestinian territories as part of another contract with the US Department of State.  The group of five girls and five boys was full of energy and eager to both play and learn.

Beginning the day with introductions and discussion about sport for development, GGC representatives Michael Vaughn-Cherubin, Julie Younes and Josh Simon spoke about how life skills can be acquired through sport in addition to fundamental athletic skill.  Volleyball expert “Coach Owen” taught volleyball drills that focused on cooperation which underlined messages of teamwork and communication.

GGC representative Josh Simon then taught body-weight exercises to the group which were used later in group training sessions throughout the week.  Many of the delegations GGC trains lack access to strength training facilities in their home communities.

We ended the day with a game-like simulation in which GGC coaches and kids all scrimmaged together.

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GGC Clinic For Japanese Baseball Delegation

Global Game Changers (GGC) held its first baseball clinic for a group of Japanese teenagers on Monday, August 15th. The  clinic was the result of an ongoing partnership between Global Game Changers, a sports programming consultation firm, and SportsUnited, a public diplomacy initiative of the US Department of State.

Coach Josh (GGC) began the day with an introduction and discussion with the group about ways to use sports to build better individuals and communities off the field. The discussion led to various team-building exercises, and then proceeded to “Throwing fundamentals” with Coach Andrew of RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner-city). Coach Mike (GGC) also energized the group with a Handshake competition and “Soft-Hands/Name Recognition Game” which animated the kids and prepared them for the body-weight exercise instruction, nutrition talk, and intense physical training session with Coach Josh.

After the indoor session, the group broke for lunch and returned to the George Mason University baseball field for further stations in infielding, outfielding, and hitting. Coach Mike worked on communication drills in the outfield, Coach Andrew provided instruction to the group on how to properly field a ground ball, and Coach Josh taught hitting and gave the group a few swings each in the batting cage.

We finished the day with a game simulation, splitting the girls and boys on two different fields playing softball and baseball respectively, and ended the day with a note on community-building and solidarity.

Global Game Changers was delighted to work with such a disciplined and respectful group of youth from Japan.

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