Vaughn college orientation relays

What thoughts come to your mind when you think of your first day on a college campus?  That uneasy feeling of meeting many people, not sure of who will be your friend, what the mood will be, how you will fit in.  So many questions and uncertainties; so much potential for long lasting, life affirming relationships.

Global Game Changers was thrilled to be a part of easing that potentially uncomfortable freshman on campus experience by running two college freshman orientations recently at Vaughn College of Aeronautics in Queens, New York.  Using our expertise in sports for development as the backdrop, we ran a series of highly interactive, team building, barrier breaking games and activities designed to help these incoming students get to know one another and have fun doing so.

Vaughn college orientation minefield

In so doing, our content set out to take down the wall that is common in young adults’ first interactions by having them engage in games requiring communication and PLAY.  A series of stations including (the now famous) “monster”, ball tag, concentric circle ball passing, and “minefield,” were sandwiched by getting-to-know-you name games, relay races, and a group wide game of scramble.  The theme for the orientations was “Warrior,” the school’s mascot, and each subgroup had to determine what Warrior meant to them, and create a physical manifestation of that theme to be presented to the entire group later in the orientation.

This was our second visit to Vaughn College and we embrace our new relationship with the school.   We look forward to partnering with them again in the near future.

We are: Warriors!