IMG_7523As adults we often do not have the time and space to play, laugh and learn like we once did as children. On December 12th, a delegation of 14 Volleyball coaches from China was given the opportunity to do just this, all while learning about the importance and power of Sport for Development. Great emphasis was placed on creating a fun and positive learning experience for all involved by GGC’s Ellen Cosgrove and Kelsey Moore. During the session, the coaches were taken through a variety of icebreakers, games and volleyball drills that were not only a blast for all participants but provided valuable life skills.  Coaches were able to see that a simple game of “Find a new spot if” could allow those involved to get to know each other better and that drills such as “Serving Circles” provided space for skill development on and off the volleyball court.  Fun was had by all and the coaches were reminded by Coach Kelsey that if we as adults were having this much fun, just think how great these games would be for the children and youth they coach!

Thank you to all the coaches, Sport United and George Mason University for making this session possible!